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Watch “Ken O’Keefe on 9/11 – Mad as Hell!” on YouTube January 3, 2015

Posted by John H. in Uncategorized.

Ken O’Keefe on 9/11 – Mad as Hell!: http://youtu.be/9M1-xk2GATM

A very thorough examination of how 9/11 has transformed the “Western” world.



1. Gerrit Boonstra - July 22, 2015

Bravo for your courage to stand up to these criminals and letting us know the real truth.

Hitler’s henchmen got crucified at the Nuremberg trials for doing precisely the same thing as the U.S., Britain and Israel have been doing for decades. George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Netanyahu are the biggest war criminals of the 21st. century, bar none.

Just like you, I’m asking people to stand up and not be intimidated by the anti-Semitic nonsense that follows every bit of criticism of Israel.


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