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Geeks are the social barometer February 4, 2013

Posted by John H. in "Red Pill" issues, politics.


There is a lot of learning behind technology. This is a pivotal position in large corporations. Also, being an extended family’s “IT department” forces one to understand many disciplines. Technology users live a substantial part of their life in the digital realm. It is little wonder this group has been paying attention to the content that is carried on the web and the fact that much of this news and data never make it to the main stream (aka corporately owned) news broadcasts.

Although many feel civil liberties “will always remain in place”, the fact is that a state of ignorant citizens will be fleeced by the people they entrust and put in charge. It is time for a higher awareness of the political machine for all of us. Blind trust without checking the facts through regular inventory and “walk through’s” has been and will always be dangerous.




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