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More evidence of religion’s fraud … January 22, 2013

Posted by John H. in "Red Pill" issues, psychology.

Religion – more empty promises


This will not surprise anyone who is a free thinker. Religion is little more than a societal control for the masses which directly benefits TPTB.




1. Abandon TV - January 22, 2013

My neighbour is a religious fanatic. He believes his god is the ‘only way’ and he’s constantly trying to convert me to his religion by telling me how great his religion’s leaders are.

He’s so fanatical he even asks his religious leaders to threaten me with being kidnapped and locked in a cage if I don’t fund his religion and go along with its doctrines and laws – even though I have zero interest in any of them….. in fact I consider his religion to be both immoral and offensive.

You may be wondering what this obnoxious religion is.

Here’s the answer LINK.

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