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A Renaissance of Ignorance June 9, 2012

Posted by John H. in "Red Pill" issues, politics.

Globally, we are headed for a big conflict. We are over due from a time stand point. There are plenty of indicators of a powder keg ready to blow … growing economic issues, massive fraud from banksters and politicians, high unemployment rates, rising commodity prices, austerity measures and blow back, etc.

The reality is that intellect is the first casualty of war. When shit begins to come off the rails, the radical or extremes gain more followers. Watch the news and see Neo Nazis at Euro 2012, preachers gaining support for putting gays in cages, protests and clashes in the streets tagged as gangs of lazy troublemakers.

I am amazed at the growing levels of group ignorance throughout the world. The vast majority of people do not understand or care about the nuances behind protests and many sitting in front of their TV would not mind seeing a few skulls cracked to regain “order”. If you are a libertarian (like me) or a social liberal, you have probably been personally exposed to the squelching of healthy dissent.

It’s time to stand up for your beliefs; teach your children to stay rational and smart, “disobey” like Gandhi would, speak up, when you can. This fact must be mixed with the grim reality that in the current economic world climate, the monkeys are running the zoo, for now.




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