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The New Reality … April 1, 2012

Posted by John H. in politics.

As you hear about “runs on petrol” in the UK and riots in the streets of Spain, take a step back and look at the big picture.

Energy prices in Western nations are kept artificially moderated due to aggression, war and occupation. Unless we actively seek out opposing voices, we see a homogenized view of reality via CNN and the like. This propaganda seems to be the flavouring that makes our government’s rancid behaviour more palatable for daily digestion. Although, burying one’s head in the sand in a perpetual state of ignorance is the preferred choice of many sheeple too.

The US is nearing two psychological lines in the sand …

1: retail gas prices @ $5/ gallon and

2: regional unemployment @ 15%.

These are tipping points where conflict can erupt at the drop of a hat and we are nearing that boiling point. Forget, $5 per gallon, some analysts claim we will see $8 per gallon gas this summer and real unemployment rates in many states are at depression era levels (especially for youth and minority sectors).

Canada’s oil sands are the real American “reserves”. We capitulated politically with mere diplomacy. Canadians are shamefully compliant – the Muslim has been turned into the modern day boogeyman to ensure American taxpayers back continued warfare “over there”. Islam is not nearly as pliable as we are. Sanctions and the UN are the threats that come before bloodshed. The world knows this; however, I doubt this knowledge will stop the military-industrial complex from killing brown people in Muslim countries for the oil in their ground.

Look at the trends in a macro setting. There is a huge, growing cleavage in awareness of this coming civil unrest. Be a god-fearin’ good ‘ol boy or be a paranoid, hippy conspiracy wing-nut. I live in rural Canada (a big city transplant) and no one wants to hear about anything beyond local gossip, church pot lucks and “stepford wives style” intel. Who really needs to know about TMZ and celeb gossip? I am sad to say that as desperation rises in North America, so does the chance of this violence occurring domestically. I wish the tithers would fuckin’ rapture away … we would all be better off without their child-like nievity and republican/ conservative votes.



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