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Canadian Wholesale Financial Extraction December 23, 2011

Posted by John H. in "Red Pill" issues, politics.

While everyone is busy with the Xmas rush, Canada’s finance minister, “Diamond” Jim Flaherty announces a European bailout fund by the G20 nations that we will be a part of. Canadians are experiencing budget cuts to provincial healthcare spending & national austerity measures are everywhere. Yet, with all this hunkering down financially, we have the funds for dozens of fighter jets, new federal prisons (while our crime rates are in decline) and we are lining up to assist with a G20 centric European bailout?

It is rational to see the government’s actions as what they are … the overt criminal extraction of money from the citizens of Canada to be transferred back into the hands of the Bank of International Settlements (and the Rothschilds clan, by proxy). Sadly, if we do not break free of following the Americans down this rabbit hole of blind compliance to forces opposed to their citizen’s will, we will be sharing the same fate. The nightmare occurring in the USA may be our future w/out the bravery of some of our citizens to stand up against this.




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