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Rape of Iraqi women by US Forces December 17, 2011

Posted by John H. in politics.

Rape of Iraqi women by US Forces – Warning link below is NSFW




1. Global Jihad - January 21, 2012

These freaky, horrid, shemale, dammed and arrogant USA soldiers is progressively committing such sorts of unbearable actions, yet they are chanting for Promotion, reconciliation, rehabilitation. I say clearly and publicly to all my true Muslim brothers all across GLOBE.

“It is better to kill and murder a single US or US-led soldiers rather than to accomplish the precious things of the whole world”

Kill and amputate – Kill and amputate – Whenever you find them.


2. John Harvey - January 21, 2012

As disgusting as this sort abuse is, my intention for posting this information was to raise awareness of these abuses in North America, not to stoke the flames of hatred from the Muslim community.

Many in “the West” are under the influence of believing all the propaganda the pentagon puts out. Change is only possible when American citizens begin to see conflicts from a global perspective.

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