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JFK and George H. W. Bush December 11, 2011

Posted by John H. in "Red Pill" issues, politics.

JFK was viewed as a dirty, immigrant Irishman who stole an election from Nixon. JFK was opposed to a DND proposed False Flag event to implicate and justify an attack on Cuba. JFK also also on record vowing to end the Federal Reserve. It is obvious this president who was so loved by the US people had a few, very powerful enemies with huge motive (primarily war mongers and banksters – pawns of today’s 1%).

The multitude of personal family history connections & a list of lifelong, loyal “skull and bones” implicated personalities, plus solid evidence in planning, executing and hiding an assassination on JFK is all layed out in this documentary. A young George H. W. Bush was poised to continue his family’s ruthless struggle through the ranks of the US political machine.

PS: some strange words from the Jack Ruby press conference – it has new meaning after seeing the full documentary (above) …

PPS: some strange words from senator John McCain – it too has new meaning after seeing the full documentary (above) …



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