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The Chessboard of the 1% November 27, 2011

Posted by John H. in politics, psychology.

On an awareness level where I do not like to linger for too long, I sense that the real power base does not care about who wins or who loses conflicts and wars. Their considerable power, financial resources and social influence clearly keeps them above and safely disconnected from the mayhem they relish observing in “the help” or working classes.

It is almost as if humanity is a gigantic chess board to these twisted in-bred monsters. They fund and weaponize both sides and let the 99% do awful things to each other. The endless propaganda occurs on both sides of any geo-political issue and just seems to wedge both sides into their stance and prepare them to bank more hatred for the other side for payback … “later”.

Seeing beyond this “theatre” or staged scenario brings doubt about one’s alliances to everyone on both sides of a given conflict or issue. The indoctrinated and the tithers ponder: “If he is not on our side, maybe he agrees with them!”. Recall the speech George W. Bush made after 9-11: “you are with us or you are with the terrorists”. This short statement illustrates the man’s lack of intellectual depth – a simple statement by a simpleton.

If your logic and actions makes sense and you have some level of elevated influence, you get noticed and assimilated into a small circle of “loose cannons” that needs to be squelched because you are too smart and rather diabolical – IE: Julian Assange. If your logic and actions do not make sense and/ or you have little or no social influence, you get labelled a whacko or nut. This subtle social law keeps most people in a given flock very quiet and gratefully employed by their fearful handlers, higher up the “ladder”, but still well under the 1% and their considerable influence.

The Rothschilds and the vast majority of the 1% have multi-generational financial strategies & plans; however, many of us fail to recognize the elites also have multi-generational eugenics plans too. If you are a Rothschild and you marry beyond a 2nd cousin, you are out … like being excommunicated socially & financially! The media preaches equality at all of us, yet, the 1% will toss their son or daughter under the bus if their offspring’s intended spouse is not made of “the right stuff”.



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