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Indoctrination explained: AKA “Backfire” December 18, 2010

Posted by John H. in politics, psychology.

This article explains how one’s developmental years determine things like religious beliefs, political views, etc. Presentation of contradictory facts merely strengthens the original belief … or “backfires”. The human’s belief system trumps opposing facts! This is an enlightening bit of news and explains much of the mess we are in as a species, globally.

To progress, we must embrace the truths of science. These truths must be our tools, not viewed as objects of scorn or heresy. The author of “The Road Less Travelled”, Dr. M. Scott Peck’s says that only the “fortunate few” will be the individuals who resist self-delusion.

Embracing change is our future. Stubbornly digging in to the myths and propaganda of our parents and our past is not progress. I hope for our children’s sake, as a people and as a world, we can be free of these shackles and look forward to life in perpetual flux.




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